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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify on April 11 before a supervisory commission of the House of Representatives, leaders of the panel said Wednesday. The company is under scrutiny after it became known that the firm Cambridge Analytica obtained data from millions of users of the social network with the aim of influencing elections. The...
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We have spoken on several occasions of the Facebook fan page, but we have never stopped in the Facebook groups. A powerful communication tool that allows us to create communities around a topic. An example of this is ” A Community Manager | The Group “, the one linked to this blog. If you are...
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Digital Marketing Strategy
2018 will bring significant changes in social networks. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will continue to introduce news on their platforms that will change the way we communicate. Knowing the trends in social networks and knowing how to adapt quickly is fundamental for the achievement of a good digital marketing strategy. Here are 5 trends in...
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The purpose of Mark Zuckerberg for 2018
Facebook wants to improve this 2018 and learn to work on solving problems , as established by its founder, Mark Zuckerberg in his last post. Zuckerberg has also pointed out the need to respond to one of the biggest current dilemmas in technology: the struggle between centralization and the decentralization of power. The founder of...
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What is the robots.txt file
Robots.txt is a text file with extension .txt, which we create and upload to our website and which we use to prevent the robots of certain search engines from tracking content that we do not want them to index or show in their results. It is a public file that we use to indicate to...
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SEO positioning factors for 2018
Semrush, the creator of this powerful search tool, has released its study of SEO Positioning Factors 2017 (Ranking Factors SEMrush Study 2.0 – 2017). With this information analyzed on the data collected from 2017, here we intend to make the guide of the factors to be considered in your SEO strategy for 2018 considering these...
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