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Email Marketing & Newsletters

Email is a form of direct marketing, where it is used as a means of communicating commercial or promotional messages to reach more audience. Email marketing is for Large and SMEs have become a fundamental part of commercial strategies, as consumers demand more and more personalized content focused on their needs and interests.

Get Direct Inbox Leads and Brand Promotion

Email Marketing with ecolus,

People tend to ignore email, if the first glance does not grab their attention.

You cannot inundate people with continuous mails, a proper frequency needs to be followed so that when your email lands in the inbox, it doesn’t cause discomfort of any kind. In fact the recipient should be intrigued enough to click on your email and go through it.

We help in building a personalized, sizeable email relevant to the recipient indicating a clear call to action with an intriguing subject line.

Each of our Email campaigns are tailored for the purpose of our clients.

Our focus is on Engaging content, engrossing subject line, subtle indication of call to action and importantly, relevant Email to an individual.

Key Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is a direct marketing tool, which is used to reach out to people, individually. Through Email Marketing, you can land directly into your inbox. Email marketing is a proven technique for maintaining relations with existing clientele, gaining traction on that offer you have planned, promoting your product/ service to the potential clients, and spreading brand awareness.

Unlike a social media post or a printed flyer, an individual can get back to an email easily.

Email marketing works the best for a lead generation campaign over any other strategy.


We model the emails and landing pages, ensuring their perfect visualization in the different mail providers, browsers and devices, as well as their usability. 

We apply the Responsive Design.


Whatever the email marketing tool you have contracted, we can take care of the complete process of managing a shipment. Our commitment to execute the campaign in less than 24 hours and without any error.


We help you devise and implement relational email marketing programs: welcome, cross sell, surveys, recovery of the abandoned cart, reactivation of inactive, promotional, newsletter, trigger emails and service according to events.


We collect, treat, analyze and interpret the data available in your shipping platform and web analytics so you can develop smarter and more profitable actions. We help you link marketing metrics (open, click, conversions and churn) with financial metrics (ROI, Net Profit and Lifetime Value).

What Our Clients Say,

  • The social media marketing strategy designed by the eculous team is phenomenal and our business growth has reached the set goals.

    Sanjay Lolge
  • The highly Professional team of experts with the right solutions. The Strategies are up to the mark and they are always right on target with up to date materials and ideas that have enhanced by social media standings and brand.

    Shree Adiyoga
  • eculous Marketing offered a very positive experience. The team listened very closely to my requests and completed a perfect social media marketing strategy for my company. I will absolutely consider working with eculous Marketing agency for any future social media management needs.


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We devise and develop online marketing strategies focused on the user that provide value and business. We capture, convert and retain potential users and customers effectively through memorable experiences. We create personalized online marketing and digital communication strategies for companies to grow.


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