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Google AdWords Management, PPC Campaigns


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PPC - Increase sales and conversions

To achieve a successful digital marketing campaign in search engines, it is necessary to use SEM strategies, which is the acronym of Search Engine Marketing, which represents all the actions, strategies and use of digital marketing tools to increase the visibility of the sites. web, or to promote them within the search engines. The most used SEM strategies are the actions of SEO and PPC.

The pay-per-click (PPC) strategy is a model of Internet advertising, in which you must pay a cost per click to the search engines, this to increase the visibility of the websites in the ads – payments results – of the search engines. Cost per click (CPC) depends on different factors and the rules of each PPC system; If we talk about Google Adwords, the CPC will depend on the popularity of the keyword, the competition or the number of advertisers who want to use the same keyword, the number of related websites that take place for the ads and more.

The pay-per-click management we do at eculous covers the planning, management, and execution of our customers’ PPC campaigns. We contemplate the configuration of your account, the management, optimization and monitoring of the campaign, and the execution of new practices in accordance with the new trends.

Our Step by Step Approach to PPC Campaigns

The visibility results of the pay-per-click strategy are faster, therefore, if you want to promote a service or product immediately, the pay-per-click management of eculous is what you need.

Determine your goals

The understading of your needs and end result is important for us to increase subscribers, sales or your brand awareness. Before we start, We examine competitor market research, targeted keyword data and utilise a bespoke PPC strategy tailored to your brand and target market.

Setting up the PPC campaign

In the second step, we design your campaign with the PPC excellence and guidelines to make sure your Pay Per Click ads stand out from your competitors. The Right keyword selection and Campaign establishment to start bidding on the targeted keywords that accurately describe your business, products or services to get conversions to generate a great return on your investment.

Optimisation & Testing

We monitor and optimize the PPC ad copies along with the landing pages on a daily basis, and this will ensure required conversion and higher conversion rate. Our daily PPC analysis will result in the success rate of the campaign with expected results. We also regularly tweak and nurture negative keywords to get the maximum ROI.

Reporting & Statistics

We Provide monthly campaign analysis report and a summary of results for your Google AdWords account. PPC campaign results are measured on the basis of conversions and the average cost per conversion unless your company’s goals specify a different metric to gauge the success of an account. Our aim to make the data as transparent and easy to understand as possible with no complex data report.

What Our Clients Say,

  • The social media marketing strategy designed by the eculous team is phenomenal and our business growth has reached the set goals.

    Sanjay Lolge
  • The highly Professional team of experts with the right solutions. The Strategies are up to the mark and they are always right on target with up to date materials and ideas that have enhanced by social media standings and brand.

    Shree Adiyoga
  • eculous Marketing offered a very positive experience. The team listened very closely to my requests and completed a perfect social media marketing strategy for my company. I will absolutely consider working with eculous Marketing agency for any future social media management needs.


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